Land Management

Building on land can have many hidden pitfalls as many investors and developers have found out to their cost over the years. The true value of any piece of land can be discovered either by going ahead with a build and trying the market, or by comprehensive and thorough planning and appraisals before any capital is committed to the project. Only when this has been done can the correct commercial decision be made to maximise the opportunity of the investors and developers interest. Nett Assets can also advise and assist in selling land efficiently and for its maximum value if that is deemed the correct commercial decision after the appraisals are completed.

“I have always been pleasantly surprised at the speed and accuracy of Jonathan’s work.He has an excellent grasp of construction and planning issues and his solutions show innovation and, above all, a profound understanding of the underlying commercial realities. He has been the ideal Architectural partner for our operation.”
R Borras, Borras Construction

If land is owned and capital is an issue, we are so confident in our ability to maximise the potential value in any project that we are always willing to look at partnering in any venture or charging a fee based on the profit that is achieved on completion. Our experts are fully accredited to deal with all of the legal and planning issues that surround land management and planning permissions.