New Build

Finding the RIGHT building project for your land

The real value is identified in any plot of land by being able to see the commercial pros and cons of each alternative. In some instances a small block of flats might be the correct decision, in another it might be the luxury five-bedroom home. So if you want to achieve the maximum value in any new build project you need to be able to take a commercial view which takes in every aspect involved. This includes: planning, technical drawing, legal representation, valuations, appraisals, paperwork and comprehensive project management.

“Jonathon has delivered us a fantastic design to be proud of and managed the whole process from submission to the granting of the planning permission very professionally and promptly allowing us to start work on our new showroom on time. His approach is first class and someone who we can depend on and trust with his honest approach and always at hand to speak to. We truly felt and still feel like a valued client and have highly recommended Jonathon at Nett Assetts to many of our private clients, friends and family” Andrew Morton Hawk Interiors, Gaddesden Row

Experience, expertise and partnership

With three decades of experience and a long track record of successful projects, Nett Assets is the ideal partner for any new build project. The sort of sites that we can manage a new build project on for you include:

  • Side plots / End-of-Terrace land
  • Vacant plots / demolition of old property
  • Cleared land

Call for a ‘no obligation’ chat or to arrange a site visit on: 01923 293117